When we live in society, vaccines are important and necessary. When you leave your daily environment, it is essential to supplement your medical coverage with a new series of vaccines. And when we plan a world tour for 4, well it hurts … a little to the arm … and a lot to the wallet! it’s a real budget not to forget when embarking on such an adventure. In our case, we have chosen to do all the basics recommended for the regions we are going to visit (= 8 000 NOK!), but we’re still thinking for that against rabies (= 8 000 NOK on its own for the 4 of us…perhaps we do only the kids?)… So, we are doing (or check it is done): Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whooping Cough, Hepatit A+B, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis.
After a first session quite catastrophic, our children were very brave for the second set of bites … we cross our fingers for the third! 😉

For those living near Trondheim, Norway: we strongly recommend the Trondheim Kommune Vaccination Centre. The nurses there are all very kind, professional, and super good with children 😉 (

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