Your celiac child is invited to a birthday party?

If you are in our case (parents with celiac children), you will have to go to birthday parties and be prepared.

FIRST TIP: Contact the organizing parents as soon as you receive the invitation and speak openly about the disease! ask for example what they think to serve as cakes and other sweets. Offer to come with your own gluten-free versions.

WARNING: Even if the candies at the birthday party are certified gluten-free, they are most likely to be offered in a bowl, and the hands of the other participants are certainly not ‘gluten-free’… do not hesitate to bring your own small bowl of candies.

SECOND TIP: Your child has already understood that he/she is ‘different’, so help him/her by trying to make these birthday parties the most normal for him/her – yes, it will ask you to try to make the same cake as the other parents, but it will mean a lot to your child! – he/she will feel less different 😉

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