About us






A French family expatriated in Norway: we live in Klæbu, a village near Trondheim, in the middle of Norway. Our 2 children are born in Norway. We like the country. The landscapes are superb, the Norwegians - although sometimes difficult to access (see our pages on Norway!) - are generous and welcoming. The best would be if the concept of spring could come up there ... it would help a lot surviving the months of March and April (and May ... and June ?!).

So, why did we want to start a website? Why would it interest some people? What is special with us? Well, not that much honesty ... We are rather very ordinary. The little 'plus' about our family is that we have to think 'gluten-free' all the time ... neither by choice nor by fashion. Simply because our children have celiac disease (see pages on Gluten), what forces us to consider our daily lives a little differently than most other families. Having been confronted with this special diet for a few years now we have accumulated a lot of experience. And that's what we propose to share, very humbly.






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French from the Vosges

Formerly a geophysical engineer, converted into a kindergarten assistant

Likes : say he is going to eat spiders in Cambodia

Dislikes : think he will have to do it








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French, from Brest.

Researcher (Geology-Geophysics)

Wants to travel the world since she was very young

Maniac of the organization, pro of 'to do lists'

Amateur photographer

Likes: her children - the most beautiful (in all objectivity), the first coffee in the morning, take pictures, eat, prepare a trip, go on a trip!

Dislikes: rain in the morning, phones that ring in conferences, not managing to take THE photo, spiders, assholes






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Madam 'and why?'

French nationality, but Norwegian born

Speaks Norwegian with a strong local accent

Very curious, generous, emotional, sensitive

Wants to become a veterinarian (but not for dangerous animals) or an archaeologist.

Likes: drawing, reading, learning new things (and why?), going to the pool, playing board games and legos, chocolate, sweets

Dislikes: quinoa, mushrooms






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French nationality but Norwegian born

Very dreamy, a lot of imagination, regularly in his little world up there, little seed of negotiator, acrobat clown

Wants to become a researcher of dinosaur bones.

Likes: reading, drawing, being outdoors, trampoline, climbing trees, walking in the forest, going to the pool, playing legos and card games

Dislikes: lentils, mushrooms, peas