Recipe of the ‘pain quotidien’

Here is the recipe of the bread our children eat every day for breakfast. Very basic, but very efficient 😉 Tip: begin with the standard flour mixes and water, then, when happy with the result, do not hesitate to adapt with other flours and different liquids (replace part of the water with fruit juice) – do what inspire you! the important thing is the ratio of liquids VS dry flour.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 big breads):
900g gluten free flour & 700mL of liquids
2 handfuls of sunflower seeds
1 handful of lin-seeds (put 5min in warm water before use)
2 teaspoons of fibers or xanthan / guar gum
1 bag of dry yeast, or 1/2 fresh yeast (to be mixed in warm water at 35-45 ° C)
a little of salt (not to put in direct contact with the yeast)

1. Mix everything (a robot helps a lot!)
2. Transfer your preparation to a work surface, form a ball with the dough & cut it in half
3. Place the 2 pieces of dough in your pans
4. Turn your oven on at 200-220 °C (depending on your oven, you must test!)
5. Leave the breads quietly in a place with constant temperature (about 30min),
6. When the breads have lifted enough, bake for about 30min.

For further explanations and tips, check our detailed recipe:

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