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TOUR 2 : 3 WEEKS IN THE MIDDLE = LOOP Trondheim - Bergen - Trondheim



Small introduction:

(description of the tour is below)



Norway is a very large country. You will not be able to see everything in 15 days​​ for example.​​ Beware of maps: the driving times are​​ very​​ long given the state of the roads and the traffic​​ on only 2 lanes roads​​ with trucks and motorhomes.​​ The best is​​ to choose​​ between North, Center or South.

Then everything depends on your preferences and expectations. If you plan to visit the country with your car, roaming from hotel to hotel or from camping to camping? If you can, we strongly recommend the camping car: Norway is the country of​​ motorhomes! everything is made for: you will find many stations​​ adapted for the used waters and for the refilling, many sites where you can park at night. On the other hand, in recent years Norway has become​​ VERY​​ popular and​​ motorhome​​ tourism has exploded ... so we recommend you avoiding​​ the months of July and August if you can, and aim for June or September instead.



For a rental​​ motorhome, try the website:​​ It is a site gathering all​​ what​​ is to sell and to rent in Norway. Very well done and very clear. Well, yes, it's in Norwegian. But a priori you are not too​​ stupid and should​​ manage. Like any website, you have a series of filters that allow you to refine your search.

- choose the category 'Biler', then 'Bobiler' (motorhome)

- select 'til leie' as a filter in the 'Salgsform' category in the left column

You will have access to all motorhome rental in Norway! fantastic no ?!

You can then browse the available filters to refine the whole: 'område' the area where you want to recover the camping car, 'sengeplasser' the number of places to sleep, 'sitteplasser' the number of seats, etc ...

And do not hesitate to contact the owners. Most Norwegians speak perfect English!


We offer 3 circuits in the North, Central and South Norway. They are loops of 3 weeks each in 'slow travel' mode. They are feasible in less time, clearly, but you risk missing the real essence of Norway ...​​ If possible, prefer the 'slow travel' mode, to enjoy the scenery, stop where you want, where you feel it.

A tip: take your time, admire ... 😉



TOUR​​ 2 :​​ 3​​ WEEKS​​ IN THE MIDDLE​​ =​​ LOOP​​ Trondheim - Bergen - Trondheim



A big loop with departure and arrival in Trondheim, which requires at least 3 weeks in order to really​​ enjoy​​ it.

- start by visiting​​ Trondheim: the capital of the kings of Norway

-​​ then take the E39 towards the south-west, towards​​ Molde

- take a detour via the​​ Atlantic Highway​​ (Route 64, southwest of Kristiansund) if you can

- before Molde, take route 64 and the ferry Sølsnes-Åfarnes

- continue to​​ Andalsnes

-​​ and follow the​​ 'Trollstivegen', one of the mythical routes of Norway, not to be missed!

- continue to Valldal and take the ferry to Eidsdal

- Route 63 takes you to the​​ un-missable​​ fjord of​​ Geiranger: do not lose a crumb, it is grandiose!

- once in Geiranger: after a short stop and a possible excursion boat in the fjord, do not miss​​ Dalsnibba: THE very impressive view on the fjord. To do this: pass the village of Geiranger, continue​​ driving​​ several km inland. Once arrived at the small lake of Djupvatnet: turn left on the steep road which goes up (small toll to pay - but it is worth it!).​​ Drive​​ to the top and prepare the camera batteries. This is great 😉

- then take the​​ route​​ 63 until the E15, at the fork: turn left Eastward​​ towards Grotli until crossing the road of Gamle Strynvegen on your right

- take the​​ Gamle Strynvegen​​ until you​​ reach​​ the E15,​​ 

-​​ then follow the E15 to Stryn and then turn south until you reach the E39

-​​ follow this road​​ up to​​ the Fv13 (Gaularfjellet turistvegen) which will take you through Vik, continue to the ferry to Vangsnes, and take the E13 which will take you to​​ Voss​​ (stop for a walk around​​ Hovsfossen)

-​​ from Voss, take the E13 south, do not miss the tunnel-bridge above the​​ Hardanger fjord: it costs one arm, but it​​ is unique!

-​​ take the E7 towards the East: it will allow you to pass through extraordinary landscapes with the waterfall​​ Vøringsfossen​​ and the plateaus of​​ Hardangervidda. Do not hesitate to stop, several days !, and test the hiking trails ... the atmosphere of Hardangervidda is fascinating ...

-​​ afterwards, after​​ Geilo, at Hagafoss, take road 50 on the left, go up to​​ Aurland​​ - the road that leads to it offers magnificent panoramas

- you can make an excursion to​​ Flåm​​ and its little train (in all tourist guides) ... or not ...​​ for us, the masses of tourists disembarking ferries have made us​​ escape​​ ... but if you pass 'off season' you may be more lucky;-)

- from​​ Lærdal, (do not miss the old center of​​ lærdalsøyri!) go north towards​​ Øvre Årdal

- take the​​ Tindevegen turistvegen​​ between​​ Årdal​​ and​​ Turtagrø​​ and stop for a walk, it is magnificent (the small hike of​​ Berdalsfjellet​​ offers an impressive view over the fjord below).

- then take the​​ 'Sognfjell turistvegen'​​ to​​ Lom: you will not be disappointed! It is grand, beautiful mountains and hundreds of hiking trails in all directions: choose one, walk, you will be alone in the world in 10 min!

- in​​ Lom, do not miss the wooden church and the bakery! One of the most famous in Norway. A 'must do'. Well,​​ you​​ will definitely have to queue 30 min at least, but ... it's worth it!

- then go​​ back​​ slowly to Trondheim via the E6 but do not forget to explore the​​ Dovrefjell​​ region which is also unique!



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