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TOUR 3 : 3 WEEKs IN THE SOUTH = LOOP Oslo - Stavanger - Oslo



Small introduction:

(description of the tour is below)



Norway is a very large country. You will not be able to see everything in 15 days for example. Beware of maps: the driving times are very long given the state of the roads and the traffic on only 2 lanes roads with trucks and motorhomes. The best is to choose between North, Center or South.

Then everything depends on your preferences and expectations. If you plan to visit the country with your car, roaming from hotel to hotel or from camping to camping? If you can, we strongly recommend the camping car: Norway is the country of motorhomes! everything is made for: you will find many stations adapted for the used waters and for the refilling, many sites where you can park at night. On the other hand, in recent years Norway has become VERY popular and motorhome tourism has exploded ... so we recommend you avoiding the months of July and August if you can, and aim for June or September instead.



For a rental motorhome, try the website:​​ It​​ is a site gathering all what is to sell and to rent in Norway. Very well done and very clear. Well, yes, it's in Norwegian. But a priori you are not too stupid and should manage. Like any website, you have a series of filters that allow you to refine your search.

- choose the category 'Biler', then 'Bobiler' (motorhome)

- select 'til leie' as a filter in the 'Salgsform' category in the left column

You will have access to all motorhome rental in Norway! fantastic no ?!

You can then browse the available filters to refine the whole: 'område' the area where you want to recover the camping car, 'sengeplasser' the number of places to sleep, 'sitteplasser' the number of seats, etc ...

And do not hesitate to contact the owners. Most Norwegians speak perfect English!


We offer 3 circuits in the North, Central and South Norway. They are loops of 3 weeks each in 'slow travel' mode. They are feasible in less time, clearly, but you risk missing the real essence of Norway ... If possible, prefer the 'slow travel' mode, to enjoy the scenery, stop where you want, where you feel it.

A tip: take your time, admire ... 😉



TOUR​​ 3 : 3​​ WEEKs​​ IN THE SOUTH​​ =​​ LOOP​​ Oslo - Stavanger - Oslo



A loop with departure and arrival in Oslo.

-​​ Oslo:​​ not more than 1​​ day, it is not worth it ... (in our opinion - if you come to Norway,​​ it is for​​ the​​ breathtaking nature, not for cities ... a priori?)

- take the E6 south towards​​ Moss​​ (yes yes!), south!​​ In order to spend a few days between​​ Frederikstad​​ (old center​​ 'Gamle Frederikstad'),​​ Halden​​ (fortress),​​ Sarpsborg​​ (science center Inspiria) and the archipelago of​​ Hvaler, a series of​​ islands with a magnificent national park​​ (the tourist office / park center in​​ Skjærhalden​​ is​​ great!)

If you are with children / teenagers: stop at the​​ Tysenfryd​​ amusement park in the south of Oslo 😉

- then​​ drive​​ back​​ to​​ Moss​​ where​​ you will take the ferry to​​ Horten​​ (if you are lucky, you will​​ end​​ on the​​ brand new​​ ferry: enjoy, it is rare !!)

- do not miss​​ Tønsberg​​ and a short stroll in the city center and along the quays, it is charming

- then the idea is to simply follow the​​ E18​​ along the southern coast of Norway until​​ Kristiansand​​ - do not hesitate to stop, explore the secondary roads, the coast is superb!​​ crowdy​​ in summer, but superb 😉

- in Kristiansand, the biggest attraction is the zoo / amusement park​​ 'Dyreparken / Kaptein Sabeltann': a MUST DO absolutely indispensable for any Norwegian.​​ In summary: it is a huge park (if you have children, do not hesitate to take a​​ 2 days​​ pass!) with a great zoo​​ (1 day),​​ and a​​ very nice large amusement park (1 day) with several themes, all centered on characters from Norwegian children's literature. So, if you are a foreigner, you will not understand everything (!), BUT: it's absolutely brilliant: you will discover a nice part of the culture of every Norwegian, with which they have​​ grown, you will​​ come together​​ with​​ families​​ crowds to sing songs from their childhood and share that with their offspring. Unique 😉

-​​ then continue west on the E39 towards​​ Stavanger!

- towards Egersund, take the road to the coast, the 44, it is a tourist route

- in Stavanger, take a walk in the city center: this is one of the few (with Trondheim) which is worth a look,​​ at our humble opinion ...

- if you are fit, you can start the ascent of the famous​​ Preikestolen​​ (try to go there in the morning, it's crowded ...)

- then the idea of ​​the circuit is to return gently to Oslo by the​​ inland, in order to see other landscapes

- take road 13 north to​​ Håra, it is also a very nice tourist route

- at Håra, turn east and follow the E134 to enter the beautiful​​ Telemark​​ region!

- get off on​​ Vrådal​​ by the 41, then at​​ Treungen​​ take route​​ 358

- do not hesitate to stop whenever​​ you feel it: you will find dozens of hiking trails all more magnificent than the others, between mountain, forests and small lakes

- when you have enough of all this green and pure air, join Porsgrunn / Skien by the​​ 356 then Oslo by the 40/32 via Kongsberg and Drammen


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