Diner invitations

It is not always easy to talk about differences. And sometimes we end in a difficult situation simply because we do not want to ‘annoy others’. It has happened to us, and it still happens, even if it’s often stupid…
After the announcement of our kids’ disease, we had to deal with various situations, not easy to manage sometimes. Here is our experience about diner invitations…

PROBLEM : After a while, we noticed that dinner invitations became rarer. Well, ok, we were not 20-30 anymore and had young children, that doesn’t help! 😉 But, that was not the reason…We have friends who confessed they no longer dare to invite us simply because they were afraid making mistakes in food preparations and contaminate our children … In short, they simply did not know what to food to prepare and how to manage a gluten free dish in their kitchen…This is legitimate, and it shows that they care about us 😉

SOLUTION: Invite them! or invite yourself to their home by proposing to participate in the preparation of the meal! Discuss about it openly!

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