Nomaden is a Norwegian travel shop, initially launched in Oslo, but that can be found now also in Trondheim (Thomas Angellsgate 19, 7011 Trondheim).

The name immediately transports you in exotic, exciting places. But Nomaden is not a simple travel shop. It is the best travel shop you can find in Norway! For its friendly, welcoming and professional atmosphere.

The shop offers an amazing collection of travel books. For each little destination you have the choice between several editors, often 5-6 of them, and not only the traditional Lonely Planet. You will also find a wide range of maps, bags, clothes, shoes, and a multitude of articles related to travel. The products are all of very first quality, among the best brands. Tested and approved by the vendors, they have been carefully selected to offer the best collection of travel accessories.

The clothes are exceptional from high quality brands that promote environmental friendly, sustainable and recycled material.

Nomaden also proposes evening events with presentations of travelers who come to share their experience in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. They announce the events on their Facebook page (for Nomaden Trondheim: #nomadentrondheim)

We absolutely recommend! https://nomaden.no/

Nomaden Trondheim helped us for our world tour project offering a series of travel articles, reduced price on clothes and invaluable advices for our adventure! We thank Ingeborg more than can be said with these few lines 😉 Tusen hjertelig takk!




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