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Tegallalang, rice fields








Continent​​ : Asia

Language​​ :​​ Indonesian

Area​​ : 1.904.569 km2

Population​​ (2016): 258.316.051 inhab.

Density​​ : 142 inhab./km2

Capital​​ :​​ Jakarta

Currency​​ : Indonesian​​ rupee​​ (IDR)

Principal religions​​ :​​ islam, protestantism, catholicism, hindouism, bouddhism,​​ confucianism

PIB nominal per inhab. ​​​​ (2015)​​ : 3346 $/inhab.




Our 'Wish List'


- have a sweet time in Bali (our first real vacation for years!)

- snorkeling

- visit temples

- eat Balinese dishes!

- see the Indonesian volcanoes

- see the Kawah Ijen

- climb​​ an Indonesian volcano




Our itinerary


During our stay of almost a month in Bali, we visited a lot of sites, temples, parks and beaches. From 5 rentals located in Sanur, Ubud, Amed, Pemuteran, and Kuta. (We thought we would also go to Lombok and Gili Air, but the earthquake of August 5, 2018 forced us to change our plans).

We stayed in apartments or houses to have a kitchen and a real living space for our children.

We traveled by taxi. Either ordered in advance on the internet (Bali Cab, Ubud Taxi), or found on the street (Blue Bird taxi), or by recommendations from different people. Otherwise, do not worry: go out in the street, you will be honked every 5 minutes by cars: they are private taxis ...



Good to know :

- It's hot and humid in Bali: plan​​ adapted clothes!

- take mosquito repellent, sunscreen index 50, and hat / cap

- you have to dress properly to enter most temples: shoulders and legs covered - some temples lend or rent sarongs at the entrance if you have forgotten yours - at​​ the same time​​ you can also buy one at the market corner, it's always a nice souvenir!

- the South of the island (the triangle Kuta / Denpassar / Seminyak-Sanur-Ubud) is VERY touristy

- the North and the rest of the interior (excluding Ubud) are much less frequented by tourists





What to do in Bali ?





- on the South East coast

- quiet, family-friendly and pleasant atmosphere

- alleys with markets and souvenir vendors

- lots of small stalls and several small supermarkets

- from Sanur, we can do a lot of activities: it is a very good point to start exploring Bali




- stroll through the streets and alleys

- beach

- do the 'beach walk', a path that runs along the entire beach of Sanur, very nice because regularly well shaded - but the way passes by several ‘all options big resorts’, a little less friendly ...




- To swim: go to the south end of Sanur beach: in the late afternoon the locals arrive, and the atmosphere is great! With families, children, kites. Nothing to do with the resorts next​​ door !! it is very authentic and friendly.














- very pretty little town, with lots of alleys and temples very well decorated

- but too many people and too much traffic: it is the Mecca of vegetarian / yoga junkies, as​​ described in all the tourist guides, but it is also the Mecca of the scooters!

- Ubud is an excellent base for exploring all the sights on Bali as it is very central.

- On the other hand, be careful: leave early in the morning because there is huge traffic!




- walk in the streets (early in the morning)

- 'Campuhan Ridge walk'

- Monkey Forest Park

- attend a dance show 'Kecak'

- from Ubud, go on excursions (see our interactive map!):

- the magnificent rice fields of Tegallalang: smaller than the​​ other big sites of Bali (ex: Jatiluwih), but more intimate (although very early in the morning!) and more charming

- the temples: Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul, Goa Gajah, Yeh Pulu ...

- the traditional village of Penglipuran

- Bratan Lake with its Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

- the Bedugul market

- Jatiluwih rice fields

- the botanic garden (for enthusiasts ...)




- go for a walk early in the morning, before the heat and the crowd!

- do not try to take a taxi / scooter / motorcycle taxi near the central market of Ubud or the temple: walk 200m and the prices will already have fallen by 50%!

- Book a taxi for the day to explore Bali from Ubud: on the internet (Ubud taxi) or negotiate a price on the street (we paid on average $ 50 / day for 4, from ~ 8am​​ to 18h).



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