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WHAT IS​​ gluten?



Gluten corresponds to proteins found in grains of​​ wheat, rye, oats, barley, kamut... These are insoluble proteins which give the flour visco-elastic properties, exploited in bakery which allow the dough to rise (the bubbles in the bread,​​ it is it). A tiny thing, but that changes everything!


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WHY​​ gluten-FREE?



What is​​ exactly this 'gluten-free' thing?

A fashion diet?

So, yes, it can be a personal​​ diet​​ choice, but it can also be​​ related​​ to sensitivity​​ /​​ intolerance - more or less pronounced - to products containing gluten. And it can be ... a disease:​​ the​​ celiac disease. Our two children, Maya and Noah, are affected. It is a genetic disease corresponding to permanent intolerance to gluten. If the affected person ingests gluten, an autoimmune reaction causes an attack of the intestinal​​ surface, causing destruction of the small intestine wall. Some nutrients (calcium, vitamins, iron ...) are then poorly absorbed, which causes deficiencies. The only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet,​​ for life. No drug therapy exists.​​ 


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examples​​ of​​ logos​​ found on gluten-free products




Note:​​ for detailed and rigorous information, we recommend you start with the​​ websites of​​ celiac​​ associations:

- AFDIAG in France:​​

- the NFC in Norway:​​

The sites​​ mentionned​​ below list many associations throughout Europe and the world:



How to do without gluten?


The exclusion of gluten from food is the daily concern of celiac​​ persons. Celiacs must be constantly vigilant in the choice of food products and possible​​ cross-contamination. While it is relatively simple to set up a gluten-free environment at home, things get complicated outside (in community), and especially when traveling ...



Experience tips…


When we were told​​ our kids had the disease, although it is not 'dangerous' (compared to other families who have to face much more stressful allergies), we felt a little lost.​​ At the end of the day, the Norwegian health system​​ (we live in Norway)​​ offered us little information (apart from a small gluten-free cooking class). So we felt​​ unaided​​ several times, especially at the supermarket, restaurant or simply when deciding what to eat for dinner ...

At that​​ time, we looked for information on internet, of course. But apart from official associations, recipe blogs and other 'doctissimo', I had not found anything that could help us in our everyday life -​​ how do we actually manage gluten-free at home? How do I travel​​ gluten-free? Where to eat? How to​​ deal with​​ birthday​​ parties where our children​​ are​​ invited? How to make a good bread with this mix of flour? And that one, is it better? Does it change anything? How to make​​ wheat​​ crêpes WITHOUT wheat? !!! etc ...

Hence the idea of this site! Very humbly, we will try to list information that we hope will be useful for individuals and families who also have to manage gluten-free daily.​​ 


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